Learn the 5 uncommon skills of peak performance and triathlon mental toughness…

"Now you can have a proven system to build unshakable confidence, improve your technique and consistently be at your best when it matters most...Guaranteed!”

From: Chris Janzen – Author of Race Faster NOW! and Creator of the 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance

Dear Fellow Triathlete,

I have a few questions for you. Please be brutally honest when you answer…

  • Have you ever trained really hard, with great determination, aiming for a personal best, only to wake up the day of your race feeling uneasy about your ability to perform when it matters most?

Worse, you have every reason to be confident, and don’t know why you feel this way?

  • Have you ever started out feeling strong and sharp only to have things unravel with problem after problem such as loss of breath in the swim, being overtaken by “lesser athletes” on the bike and suddenly lacking your usual positive outlook on the run? Pretty soon, despite your initial confidence, you got that sinking feeling in your stomach that today just wasn’t going to be your day?

The most troubling part was you think you have what it takes to “battle through” until these things start to create an uncontrollable downward spiral.

  • Have you ever underperformed…whether that was due to anxiety or poor decisions during the race, inconsistency in your training, or simply a less-than-full effort…then found you struggled to regain your confidence or motivation before your next event?

You try to shake it off and think positively but part of you just can’t let go and you start to doubt yourself…while another part starts to wonder if you’ll ever achieve your potential. Soon you begin to secretly worry that you’re missing a trick to take your abilities to the next level.

If you can relate these, or similar scenarios, you’re definitely not alone.

And yes, you’re probably right. Chances are you ARE missing a key component to consistently performing at your best and rising to the challenge when it matters most. In fact…

Over 97% of triathletes see what I’m about to share with you as absolutely ‘critical to a successful triathlon performance’…yet 90% are clueless on what to do about it…

“The most neglected part of training” ~Ironman Legend Dave Scott

Triathlon legend and 6-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott sees it as the most neglected part of most triathletes training programs saying it “needs to happen all year round”.

Research proves that if you get this one thing right you’ll find yourself making greater strength gains, recover faster and with better technique too.

Get it wrong and additional research proves you’re more than twice as likely to be injured, have a training plateau or suffer impaired performance.

What is this missing ingredient from virtually all triathletes’ training programs that prevents them from reaching their personal best?

It’s the overlooked factors that underpin every training session.

It’s the most passed-over skill that directly determines your race results.

It’s the collection of 5 factors that when mastered take your performance to new heights and when ignored leave you dejected and frustrated.

It’s the internal side of performance, or more accurately, what I call your ‘inner game’.

All serious triathletes know that your mental strength and focus are absolutely essential to success.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much physical and technical training you’ve done, if you ‘lose it’ during race day, your whole race (or even season) can fall apart.

“The difference between having a great race or an average one – or making history and being history – is not what goes on in your muscles but what goes in your head. Mental strength is everything for success in triathlon.”
Emma-Kate Lidbury ~ Professional Triathlete
Paula didn't have her inner game together when it mattered most

Paula Radcliffe in tears only 4 miles from the finish line

Remember when world-record holder Paula Radcliffe blew up in Athens during the Olympic marathon?

Was it because of a lack of experience? No.

Was it because her technique wasn’t good enough? No.

Was it because she wasn’t physically fit enough? No.

It’s because she wasn’t in the right mental state.

And the opposite is also true…Many of the greatest triathletes of all time have publicly declared that it was not superior physical fitness that allowed them to dominate, but superior mental fitness and emotional strength – mastery of the inner game.

Or put another way, they were using the 5 Forces Formula to their advantage…

Here’s the REAL Problem That’s Preventing You From Having Your Own Breakthrough Triathlon Performance…

The first problem is… ignorance.

Most triathletes simply don’t realize that it’s their inner game that’s holding them back. So they work harder and harder out of desperation, only to get caught up in the law of diminishing returns, so they work even harder, injury usually follows…

It doesn’t matter how much harder they work on the physical or technical side, because a chain is only as strong as the weakest link and they aren’t addressing the underlying issue.

The real issue affecting consistency, commitment, clarity of thinking and quality of decision making not only in training and racing, but in managing life around the sport as well.

“Many triathletes still don’t do any mental training, and among those who do, most do it only in the final hours or days before big races. Mental training needs to happen year-round.”
Dave Scott, legendary six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame

The second problem is… even the minority who recognize the importance of the inner game don’t know how to develop it quickly, correctly and easily to not only minimize the risk of having a ‘nightmare race’, but also significantly boost your performance and increase your chances of achieving a new personal best time.

And that’s why you’re here…

I’m about to give you a simple to understand, easy to use, 5 part system I developed that, if followed correctly will give you significant performance enhancement for your swim, bike AND run.

But it gets better…

Because what I’m about to share with you requires no extra training time on the bike, in the pool or out on the road.

In fact following the simple 5 Forces Formula means your training will be more effective than ever before and you’ll be getting the very best out of it with:

  • no additional drills
  • no additional equipment
  • no additional supplements
  • and no additional physical or technical training time.
I’ve coached triathletes from various countries around the world using my ‘5 Forces Formula’. At the 2010 ITU World Championships in Budapest just one five minute application of only one of the 5 forces the night before the race caused a UK athlete to put in his best ever performance, finishing a new career best of 5th place in his age group.

“Preparing for triathlon’s mental challenges involves more than thinking tonight about tomorrow morning’s race. Just as you train your body, you must also train your mind.”
Craig Kain, PhD Psychologist and Ironman Triathlete

There are 5 critical forces that create an optimum performance in triathlon, use any one and your physical performance will improve, use all 5 and…. Well let’s just say I think you’ll be very, VERY happy with your new results!

Introducing the groundbreaking 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance

6-part Audio Program to Master the Inner Game

Learn the ‘secrets’ of how world-class athletes continue to outperform and how you can finally achieve your potential. You get 20 years of proven, practical strategies and techniques that work for triathletes of all levels. You’ll benefit from learning just one force. You’ll breakthrough with all 5.

5 Forces Workbook to Accelerate Results

Use the accompanying step-by-step workbook as you listen to the program to accelerate your learning and achieve results fast.  You’ll notice more purposeful and more powerful training sessions from the very first audio session.

Immediate Impact For Your Best Triathlon Time

Get on the fast track to your personal best by easily and effortlessly putting the material into practice within your existing training plan. No interruption or longer days required. Get ready to surprise yourself with greater clarity, focus, motivation and unshakable confidence.

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 “The 5 Forces program has taken me to a new level.”

I always thought that the inner game is a very important part of the sport, but the 5 Forces program has taken me to a new level. I’m now refocused on my goals, have a clearer idea on what success means to me and have identified specific weak points I can improve in training. I’m finding it’s easier to get up and train day after day, and easier to manage ‘pain’ while focusing on the improvements I want. If you haven’t got the 5 Forces Formula program yet…this is a must if you want to achieve your best…don’t wait any longer, just go for it!

Pako Arreola, Mexico ~ Double Ironman World Challenge Champion, 2010

Here’s How It Works

Simply sign up now to get instant access to download the complete 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance program consisting of six audio files (.mp3) and your workbook (pdf).

Once you listen to the Introduction session, proceed through each of the 5 modules, all of which contain three parts:

First: An audio recording where I will teach you the concept and the strategies, what it is and why it works. (You can download the recording and listen when and where you want – even while training!). Take notes in the accompanying workbook to accelerate your learning and apply these strategies directly to your situation and challenges.

Second: At the end of each audio I will give you a straightforward exercise or two to put into practice what you’ve learned in that session.

Third: Simply do the exercise as instructed, put the strategies into practice and start to see an immediate improvement in the quality of your training and your race performance!

It really is that convenient, easy to implement into your existing training plan and powerful!

So How Much Does It Cost?

The techniques contained within the 5 Forces Formula are usually reserved for my private clients and other world-class triathletes. You’d typically expect to pay in the region of $150 to $350 per session to learn just some of these techniques from a top sports psychologist.

If you want to hire me personally to train you in the complete 5 Forces Formula it costs $1299 for six sessions.

But as part of my ongoing efforts to help more triathletes achieve their best results and experience true peak performance, you can get your hands on this complete system for an incredibly discounted price of only $199. See below for extra special introductory offer and bonuses…

But does it really work, and will it work for me?

In a word, YES.

I have packed this program with the ‘best of the best’ from over 20 years of researching, teaching and coaching the top sports psychology techniques, combined that with my own strategies which propelled me to three national championships, and personal experiences from training and racing super-sprints, sprints, team relays, Ironman 70.3 and Ironman triathlons.

Most importantly, the triathletes I’ve coached in the 5 Forces Formula…consistently experience immediate and lasting improvement in the quality of training and their race experiences. This includes world challenge champions, national-level athletes and middle of the pack age-groupers who are just trying to get a new PB.

Regardless of your current ability or number of years in the sport – quite simply – you WILL experience tangible improvement, eliminate past frustrations and achieve your breakthrough triathlon performance from this program.

Now, don’t just take my word for it, this is what other triathletes just like you had to say about the 5 Forces Formula program…

“If you really want to get better, then try this program…it took me to a PR!”

I have always thought I had a pretty good mental game but the 5 Forces has really helped me be more specific with important details. I now feel more prepared going into races, and it’s helped me make the most of my training. I used the program leading up to my 70.3 Muncie Ironman 2011 where I had a PR race. A time of 4:36:50! I’m now more focused and believe I can reach my big goals including winning a race! Getting better is not just about doing hard workouts. If you really want to get better, then try this program!

Brant Bahler, USA ~ Certified Triathlon Coach and Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman age grouper

“I had my best race!”

After listening to the audio on Force #3, I had my best race to date. I know that the inner game is important and I have always just assumed that I could just muddle through without putting much significance on it. But now – after seeing the relevance of all of the 5 Forces – I am more focused, prepared and looking forward to more race day bests.

Stuart Marsh, UK ~ Olympic distance age grouper

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“The 5 Forces puts another gear in your transmission and will help you to better results.”

After listening to just the first session, I had one of the best bike rides I have had in quite a while. Not only did I have the best ride but I cut time off as well and I was not even trying to. I’ve since used all of the 5 Forces to get me back on track to enjoying triathlon again. I knew there was a drive inside me to do well and to not stop but I did not know that drive could be channeled or guided. Until now.  The 5 Forces Formula has made a remarkable impact on my focus in training. This program puts another gear in your transmission to use and will help you to better results. Thank you for this program!

Shannon Weber, USA ~ Sprints, Half Ironman, Ironman age grouper

“Using the 5 Forces, I now get in the ‘zone’ for every workout”

I never used to give much consideration to the inner game other than trying to stay positive. But the 5 Forces program has given me more daily focus which helps me zone in on daily workouts and create focus and meaning to each training session. If you’re thinking about trying it, do it! You’ll be surprised!!!

Jen Hall, UK ~ Half Ironman and Ironman age grouper

The 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance is the ONLY program of its kind–created by a peak performance expert and triathlete exclusively for triathletes–that gives you holistic and proven methods to master your inner game.
It will directly, immediately and practically give you new skills, sharpen your focus, build strong and lasting motivation, and create unshakable confidence that you can indeed, be at your best when it matters most, and be the best athlete you can possibly be.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know this program will help you become a better, smarter, faster triathlete. In fact, we’re willing to put our reputation on it. If you listen to all six audio recordings and don’t feel like you’ve learned a strategy or technique that will immediately and measurably improve your performance, we’ll refund your full payment, no questions asked. Simply email us to say you gave it your best effort but aren’t seeing the results you expected, and we’ll process the refund the same day. You can still keep the program and bonuses. This program is a rock-solid, iron-clad no-risk purchase and we’re certain you’ll be delighted with your results.
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You can ask every question you have for 90 days and I will personally answer your email within 48 hours. This is a powerful complement to the 5 Forces Formula content and will take your performance to an even higher level.

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As a triathlon performance strategist and coach I’m always searching for advanced techniques and discovering deeper insights to help my athletes make rapid improvement in their performance and strengthen their inner game.

The 5 Forces Formula program is built with the ‘best of the best’ that WILL make you a better triathlete…and with this bonus you’ll also get instant updates to any additional strategies, new exercises and high-impact audio content that is added to the program within the next 12 months.

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Jim Vance is a two-time World Champion in ITU and XTERRA is a USA Certified Elite Coach for TrainingBible Coaching, a professional triathlete with countless wins, podium finishes and results from races around the world. He has a PR of 8:37 for the Ironman, and raced Kona professionally.

Learn the champion mindset you need at the start line and how to ‘own your space’ in the battle of the swim start. Jim also shares his strategy on how to improve your run time even if you’re already strong runner, plus many many more killer strategies for mental toughness and setting new personal bests.

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To your best ever triathlon time (with no extra training!),

Chris Janzen
Founder of TriathleteMind.com & Inner Game Coach

P.S. Since the first bonus of 90-day online coaching requires my personal time and attention it is only available to the next 20 9 triathletes who purchase this program. Act today to grab your spot.

P.P.S. If you have any questions before you make your purchase, send an email to info@triathletemind.com and we’ll answer within 24 hours.

P.P.P.S. If you’re still unsure, find answers to the most commonly asked questions about this program below.

Q: What is ‘5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance’?

A: The 5 Forces Formula is a simple to understand, easy to use system that significantly improves triathlon performance by developing your ‘inner game’ – so you become more focused, determined and consistent in your training and ready to be at your best on race day.

All professional triathletes acknowledge the importance and impact of the psychological aspects of racing, the 5 Forces Formula is the first program of its type to show you how to improve your mental performance and ultimately your overall performance in an easy, systematic way regardless of your current level of ability or your triathlon race distance.

The 5 Forces Formula will walk you through a simple series of exercises and you’ll see immediate results, it requires…

• no additional drills

• no additional equipment

• no additional supplements

• and no additional physical or technical training time.

Q: How does the program work?

A: I’ve taken the coaching I do on a one-to-one basis with top triathletes and age groupers and made it available online in a 6-part audio+workbook training program. After listening to the special introduction session, each of the remaining 5 sessions contain three parts:

First: An audio recording where I will teach you the concept and the strategies, what it is and why it works. (You can download the recording and listen when and where you want – even while training!)

Second: At the end of each audio I will give you a straightforward exercise for you to complete to practice what you’ve learned in that session.

Third: Simply do the exercise as instructed, put the strategies into practice and start to see an immediate improvement in the quality of your training and your race performance!

Q: So if this works, why aren’t more people doing this?

A: It’s a good question, and many of the top pro triathletes including Chrissie Wellington, Javier Gomez and Simon Whitfield use the type of techniques you’ll find in the 5 Forces Formula to compete at the very top of the sport.

The mental side of training and sports performance is a relatively new field, especially for the unique demands of triathlon, consequently there aren’t many people who have trained in these techniques.

This means this aspect of training is usually very expensive and only available to elite professionals. The program offered here on this site is the first of its kind to be offered to the ‘everyday’ triathlete looking for that edge in their performance.

“I couldn’t have physical strength without mental strength and expect to race well. 30kms into race day is too late. It’s important to prepare yourself for the all the eventualities in a race.”
Chrissie Wellington ~ 3x World Champion and Ironman World Record Holder

Q: Will it work for me?

A: In a word, YES. The 5 Forces Formula has proven itself again and again for triathletes at every level and across all distances. With the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. And yes, you’re worth it. Sign up now and see for yourself!

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