Are you creating your own ‘speed bumps’ on the road to your best performance?

What 'speed bumps' get in the way of your best performance?

Looking at your habits could be the key to your best triathlon performance

Are you creating your own ‘speed bumps’ on the road to your best performance?Is it your old gear that you haven’t updated? Your lack of consistency in training? Or perhaps the story and excuse you keep telling yourself when you’re just a bit too tired at the end of the work day to fit in a rockin’ workout?

Reviewing and understanding personal habits – of thoughts and actions – is where the rubber hits the road for most of my clients. This is where it starts to become very real on what they need to do differently to maximize their performance. It’s not a surprise though, because years of analyzing human performance has proven for me that our habits are the most powerful determinant of our success.

We have the goal, we have the ambition, we have the motivation, but do we consistently behave in the way that are needed to be at our triathlon best? Nope.

Consider this simple yet powerful formula:

Performance = Potential – Interference

You can increase your potential by getting focused and putting your energy into your goal achievement, plus consistently following a sound training program.

You can decrease the ‘interference’ by flattening the speed bumps, removing debris and breaking old habits that create drag and get in the way of your success.

Getting clear on what habits you need to have and create in your daily routines, your weekly training, your regular recovery, your daily diet and your pre-race rituals can mean the difference between ‘trying harder but same results’ and “finally! a breakthrough that made a huge difference in my performance”.

In future posts, I’ll share with you great and simple ways to break old habits. But I’d like to help you in the most relevant way, so…

Please leave a comment below and share with us the habits you really want to break. If you could get rid of one habit, or create a new powerful habit that would give you the biggest breakthrough in your performance, what would that be?

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  1. Josh McInturf
    6 years ago


    This is the bad habit I have, sometimes it fluctuates. I can be very disciplined at times and then it will change to being very poor.

  2. Coach Chris
    6 years ago

    Hi Josh – thanks for your comment and you’re certainly not alone! One key might be to look into the ‘characteristics’ of when your discipline is on, and compare to those times when it’s not. That can give you insights as to the specific area or things you can change/strengthen/improve/remove to feel more disciplined all the time! Keep me posted! ~Chris

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