8-and-a-half steps to making 2013 your best triathlon year ever!

I’m really excited to be offering this free eBook to my clients and the rest of the triathlon community. If you love to take on new challenges, push yourself just a bit farther (…or even a whole lot farther!), have higher hopes and ambitions for the your triathlon¬†cover-updated-largeyou must download this ebook now.

It is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you in all areas of your triathlon training — from figuring out what race to do next, to nutrition, to getting the most from your training sessions….while still having a career, spouse, kids and time with friends! Hmpf…ce n’est possible? you may say…

For over 20 years I have studied “success” and what it takes unlock your potential, so this eBook is the culmination of understanding the success principles of world-class achievers including World Champion triathletes, professional athletes from other sports, and some of the most successful people in business and society. If it’s worked for them, it will work for anyone — whether you’re already an elite triathlete or just enjoying your experience in your age group. As the saying goes, “Success leaves clues.”

It’s a culmination, but it’s also a starting point. A starting point for you to have a more fulfilling, successful and rewarding 2013 triathlon season. As a peak performance coach, my number one focus is to help you get clear on what you want, put a plan in place to get there, and most importantly, remove the obstacles or barriers that provide friction on your way to achieving your potential.

I’ll continue to update this blog with content to help you get the most from your year, and how to get the most out of the eBook.

If you have any questions, just drop a comment or send me an email.

To unlocking your potential and exceeding your expectations!

-Coach Chris

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5 Free Videos: Get Mentally Ready For Your Race

5 Free Videos: Get Mentally Ready For Your Race

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Strengthen Your Race Day Mental Toughness

Strengthen Your Race Day Mental Toughness

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Download your FREE ebook

Download your FREE ebook

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