Improving results and unlocking potential
for new or experienced triathletes.
Sprints to Ironman.

Choose the package that is best for you:

Choose the package that is best for you. Details below.

All options include personalized 1-to-1 inner game coaching sessions, custom-tailored to your
specific needs and the results you want to achieve. In person or on the phone.
For self-coached athletes or to compliment your existing triathlon coach.
Custom programs will be created if standard packages don’t match your current needs.

How it works

All clients get personal attention and 100% of Chris’ dedication in understanding your current situation, challenges and goals. You’ll work together to identify new strategies and actions to build greater focus and inner strength, remove barriers that are holding you back and put a plan in place to achieve your goals.

Follow these easy steps to arrange your FREE confidential initial evaluation session. Chris will fully explain how your coaching will work and you can ask any and all questions until you are completely comfortable with moving forward.

Five simple steps to get you on the road to success

“With 1 month to go until my first Ironman, I wanted to improve my focus, have a clear mind and just really take in the whole experience, regardless of what happened. Thanks to you Chris, my Ironman experience was awesome! Your visualisation techniques really kept me calm and focused and your emotional triggers to keep me going were essential to surviving the long day.”
Rhys Chong, London, UK ~ Ironman Switzerland 2010

The Maximum Results is ideal for the triathlete who wants to:

  • Establish a world-class mindset for unshakable confidence and self-belief
  • Develop your abilities, focus and discipline to take your results to the next level
  • Eliminate your weakest link that holds you back from bigger success
  • Consistently perform at the highest level in training and racing
  • Be energized and motivated day in and day out and build momentum as the season progresses
  • Build superior mental toughness and emotional flexibility to deal with any circumstance, setback and opportunity
  • Drop a huge surprise on your competitors with a breakthrough season

The Unlimited Potential is ideal for the triathlete who wants to:

  • Improve on past performance and continually get better results
  • Take all your hard training to the next level with a boost in performance
  • Develop greater consistency and discipline in your training and nutrition
  • Gain new strategies for managing your time and adversities to maintain an outstanding training plan without sacrificing family, work and friends
  • Be held more accountable for sticking to your commitments

The Race Day Peak Performance is ideal for the triathlete who wants to:

  • Be in the optimal state to achieve your race day goals
  • Execute your ideal race with better, more thorough mental preparation
  • Design an effective race day strategy
  • Quickly handle any adversity, even the unexpected, without panic or stress
  • Have the mental strength and emotional endurance to overcome any challenge at any stage of the race
  • Confidently push forward and defeat those ‘inner demons’ so you can achieve your goals

The Quick Panic Relief is ideal for the triathlete who:

  • Is worried about an aspect of your training or racing and needs to get rebalanced and refocused
  • Is facing great uncertainty about your injury situation
  • Is feeling overwhelmed by the physical and emotional strains of months of training
  • Is unsure how to maintain motivation from the start line to the finish
  • Is starting to panic about an upcoming race

“I felt somewhat apprehensive about having an inner game coach but I decided to put fears to bay and contacted Chris. He made me feel at ease and assured me the whole process of working with him would be pain free. It turned out he was right and the process was an enjoyable experience! It was great to have another perspective on my goals, and work together to design a practical action steps. I found Chris’ help to be most useful to me.”

Ari Shome ~ London, UK

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