"Are You Mentally Prepared for Your Next Triathlon?"

You know that triathlon is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one. But how much are YOU putting into YOUR mental preparation?

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4 weeks to race day4 Weeks to Race Day – Refining Your Measure of Success: Bring greater purpose and focus to each of of your final workouts and get clear on what you need to do on race day.

3 weeks to race day3 Weeks to Race Day – Know what to expect… and expect the unexpected: How do you best handle it when things go wrong? Be prepared. The second video shows you EXACTLY how.

2 weeks to race day2 Weeks to Race Day – Strengthen your focus: Get 2 tools to keep your mind engaged and focused on what really matters in order to race a great race.

1 week to race day1 Week to Race Day – Clear your head and get ready for the start line: Learn how to get in the essential ‘state of mind’ for starting smart and finishing strong

-1 week to race day - post race reviewPost Race Review - Maximize your learning in every race: Follow this simple 7 Step guide to effectively evaluating you and your performance. It’s a different way to look back but it’s highly effective and will prevent you from dwelling on poor performances.

You can improve your racing time and experience when you step up you inner game. Let Chris Janzen, Founder of TriathleteMind.com, Inner Game Coach & Ironman guide you to achieving a breakthrough performance on race day – whether it’s aiming for top of the podium, middle of the pack or just getting across the finish line.

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