Are You Obsessed about the Right Things?

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” (Unknown) 

The word ‘obsessed’ is often used with triathletes. It can be a positively addictive sport and lifestyle.

Yet sometimes the ‘obsession’ is misdirected.

The more we get into the sport, the more we can get caught up in the details and the daily grind.

We get obsessed about splits, calories, pace and miles.

We wonder and worry if we’re doing enough.

We tweet about our training and injuries. A lot.

And through all that, we can lose connection with what it’s truly all about.

You came to the sport for a reason didn’t you?

Perhaps it was for the personal challenge, to get or stay fit, the social community, or to try something new. You’ve stuck with it because you’re getting that and more.

But whatever your reasons, at the root is desire. A desire to change something about yourself, to see what you’re capable of, to live more fully.

When’s the last time you’ve really thought about your true purpose for taking on triathlons?

This week’s keyword: RECONNECT

This week, go beyond your dedication to a training plan and reconnect with your dedication to YOU.

Reconnect with your ultimate desires. Remind yourself of what you’re really after. Renew your reasons why.

Refocus your obsession – not on the daily details but on what matters most.

Spend time during each workout this week to reconnect with what you love about training and why that is important to you.

Not only will that make the session more enjoyable, you’ll also have better answers when people ask you why you’re so obsessed with triathlon ;)

P.S. What do you love about training and why is that important? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

The Mindset Moment is a little reminder, a friendly nudge and a caring kick up the backside to keep you on track to achieve your potential and goals. Just what we all need to jumpstart the week and always be at our best.


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