The One Word Needed to Overcome ‘Frustration’

“I feel there is more to be learned by finding out what’s going on in an athlete’s mind than by calling him a ‘bonehead’ or ‘idiot’” (Davey Johnson)

The words you use matter.

The words you choose can make the difference between losing or learning, disappointment or depression, or feeling ‘alright’ versus ‘awesome!’

Everyone makes mistakes and has off days, but how we evaluate our experiences makes ALL the difference in how we feel.

And how you feel profoundly influences how you think, solve problems, make decisions and perform – in and out of sport.

This week’s key thought: TURN ‘FRUSTRATION’ INTO ‘FASCINATION’

Identify one thing you’ve recently been experiencing that has frustrated you. Not seeing progress in your swim speed? Your job getting in the way of training? Your kids or spouse not listening to you?

Say out loud what has been frustrating but replace ‘frustration’ with ‘fascination’.

“I’m FASCINATED that my swim speed isn’t improving!”

“The number of times I end up working late and missing training is so FASCINATING!”

“It’s incredibly FASCINATING how my husband doesn’t listen to me!!!”

 I bet you can’t make your own sentence and do that without smiling :)

Doing this exercise can – in a moment – make you realize that maybe it’s time to shift your focus to your technique in the pool, to re-evaluate your work schedule and prioritize your training better, or challenge yourself to approach your husband (or kids or partner) in a different way.

When you replace ‘frustration’ with ‘fascination’ you open your mind and heart to a fresh perspective and a different approach. You replace judgment with wonder. You elevate the conversation in your mind, and with others.

And you allow the best of you to shine more brightly.

Make this a FASCINATING week of progress and learning.

You deserve it.

The Mindset Moment is a little reminder, a friendly nudge and a caring kick up the backside to keep you on track to achieve your potential and goals. Just what we all need to jumpstart the week and always be at our best.

P.S. Is there a topic, question or favourite quote you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


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