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1 Month to Race Day – Refining Your Measure of Success

With one month to go (and hopefully many weeks of training behind you) you should start to refine what success looks like for you in this race. And unlike what most triathletes do, to really be successful, you’ve got to go beyond the time clock. Incorporating these additional measures into your remaining training will bring greater purpose and focus to every workout.

3 Weeks to Race Day – Know what to expect and expect the unexpected

What you expect to happen is rarely what actually happens…unless you follow these steps. Simple things you should do this week to get your mind clear and your emotions in check for the big day, regardless of what occurs.

2 Weeks to Race Day – Strengthen your focus

Race day is unlike training days – a new environment, very early start, hundreds or thousands of competitors battling for the same spot. This video gives two tools to keep your mind engaged and focused on what really matters in order to race your race well.

1 Week to Race Day – Know your O.S.S.L.

You’ll undoubtedly have lots on your plate this week – travel, packing bags, checking maps and lists. With all the things to consider outside of your normal routine, how do you get yourself in the right focus and ‘state of mind’ for race morning? Here’s how.

Post-race review – Every race has lessons worth remembering

After all the hard work you put into training, you deserve a thorough review of your race day experience. Follow this simple 7 Step guide to effectively evaluating you and your performance. It’s a different way to look back but it’s highly effective at setting you up for your next challenge bring clarity on what was great about your race and what you need to do differently next time.



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Mental preparation is key…

Mental preparation is key…

“I couldn’t have physical strength without mental strength and expect to race well. 30kms into race day is too late. It’s important to prepare yourself for the all the eventualities in a race.” Chrissie Wellington ~ 3x World Champion and Ironman World Record Holder