Triathlete Q&A: Inner Game Questions Answered

Triathlete Q&A: Inner Game Questions Answered

Rockstar Triathlete AcademyIn this live audio recording of a recent Q&A with the members of Rockstar Triathlete Academy, I answer common questions from triathletes on the inner game. You can listen here or download to your computer.

The questions asked include:

  • How do you come back from a bad race or bad key workout? Jen from Seattle
  • How do you know when a bad performance is mental or physical? Jack from Arizona
  • I know the mental aspect of triathlon is very important, however, what are some daily practices I can use to hone in my mental game? David from New York
  • How do I stay positive through an injury I’m rehabing after surgery? Mark from Massachusetts¬†
  • What’s the best way to deal with mental adversity in a race such as a flat tire or getting passed by people you want to beat? Conrad from Germany
  • How do I stay motivated to keep going fast in a race? I always feel at the end of the race that I have not given it my all. Ben in Wisconsin
  • Any tips on how to deal with cold water? I hate it!! Susan in San Francisco
  • How do I deal with bonking when I have to walk in an Ironman or in training. I feel like I have nothing left! Ian in California

Listen here:

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or Download here (Right click and Save As…)

What is the Rockstar Triathlete Academy?

The RockStar Triathlete Academy is designed to give all levels, ages and abilities in the sport of triathlon the opportunity to learn from hand-picked articles, listen to real-time audio, watch customized videos that cater to exactly your needs, and interact with experienced coaches who treat you like real people and earnestly desire to fulfil your triathlon needs – no matter who you are!

I’ve been a member since the day they launched and can’t speak highly enough of the quality content, fresh approach and down-to-earth advice you get from the experienced head coaches Kerry Sullivan and Ben Greenfield. Click here to learn more.

What is your Inner Game question?

Let me know of any questions you have related to mastering the inner game of triathlon and how you can achieve your best. Drop a comment below, on our Facebook page or email me directly.


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5 Free Videos: Get Mentally Ready For Your Race

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