5 C’s for Being a Successful Triathlete This Season

Successful triathlon performance

5 C’s for Being a Successful Triathlete This Season

Experience and research shows there are clear common traits that form a rock-solid foundation for success.

I’ve summarized them down to the 5 C’s – a simple framework for not only understanding what’s needed, but also to help you identify where there is, or might be, a gap.

A gap that creates the weak link in your performance chain.

A gap that doesn’t allow you to consistently fire on all cylinders.

A gap that ultimately leads you to be less than you’re capable of and feeling disappointed, frustrated or confused as to why your ‘hard work’ didn’t translate to your best result.

Start with Clarity

It’s the first because without it you become incredibly inefficient and unproductive. Your time in the pool, on the track or the trails can be misguided. Your 20 hours of sweating a week could have been more successful and powerful in just 12 hours.

Clarity is knowing specifically what you want to achieve and experience (in the season, in the race, in the session). With clarity on what you want or need, you get clarity on what you need to do in order to get it.

Too many triathletes approach training as “…needing to put in the time”. It’s never a question of time, it’s what do you want to get from that time.

So how do you get clear if you don’t know where to begin? Keep reading…

Strengthen Your Commitment

Commitment is more than just prioritizing triathlon training and racing in your life. It’s more than finding time to put in the time.

In striving for excellence, the real essence of commitment is never giving up on the potential within you and remaining persistent when things don’t go the way you want them to. When you’re struggling through a tough patch in a race, when you’re not seeing great gains in your bike splits, giving up is not the answer.

Sticking to the plan, continuing to remain focused on the drills that will ultimately produce returns is where your commitment needs to be strongest. Of course, I don’t mean blindly committing to something that isn’t producing results. There are definitely times when you need to adjust your approach and training regime. But remaining committed to your goals and dreams will need a little patience and faith along the way.

Build Your Confidence

This is a big one for many and a confusing one for many more. How can you be confident that you really can achieve something that you haven’t done before?

Well, just like commitment is more that putting in the time, confidence is more than having absolute certainty you’ll get the outcome you’re after. The key to confidence is a universal truth that you are bigger than your problems. You are stronger than your setbacks. You can rise above any rejection.

The strength of the human character — of YOUR character — is always bigger than what happens to you. I understand for some of the readers, this is a concept that’s tough to grasp. But there are too many stories, too many testimonials, too many shining examples of people that have overcome the biggest odds stacked in front of them, to disbelieve that it can’t happen to you too.

So how do you build confidence if you don’t have much to begin with? Keep reading…

Grow Your Competence

There’s no doubt that to be a successful triathlete requires specific skills, abilities, knowledge and talents. There’s also a large and growing body of research that clearly demonstrates that in-born talent is less (yes, I said less) of a requirement that the mass population thinks.

It’s easy to look up to Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander, Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee, Chris McCormack and think they were lucky to be ‘born fast’. However, as with most of our culture’s heroes we don’t see them hurting more in training and pushing their limits every day.

You’ve got to identify (Clarity) what specific competencies you need to develop to improve your overall performance. Spend some time this week to breakdown your skills and knowledge and see where extra focus on development over the next three months could reap big dividends for the rest of the season.

Gain With Coaching

I would challenge anyone to find an athlete (or teacher or business person or…) who is at the top of their game, who hasn’t drawn on the support, guidance, experience and perspective of a coach or mentor.

A coach not only compresses years of wide experience into relevant guidance for you but they will help to strengthen each one of the previous four C’s: they guide you to clarity on what’s important for you and how to get it, they help to deepen your resolve to stay committed to your potential, they systematically work with you to build unshakable confidence in your abilities, and provide personalized drills and plans that you need now to consistently progress and realise your potential.

Most triathletes are ‘self-coached’ and follow generic programs if any at all. Most rely on their own experiences to find solutions to their challenges. But to paraphrase Einstein, the problems and gaps that exist for you as a triathlete today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

If your area for improvement lies within your inner game – mindset, confidence, focus, habits, consistency, overcoming fears or other barriers, then you need to adopt the 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance or email me and we can arrange a no obligations conversation to explore how I can help you achieve ultimate pride in being at your best and successful.

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