What triathletes can learn from Bear Gryllis and Jake Gyllenhaal

What triathletes can learn from Bear Gryllis and Jake Gyllenhaal

I’m writing this from 37,000 feet somewhere over the vast wasteland that is Siberia, Russia (apparently it’s a shortcut from Australia back to the UK).

What triathletes can learn from Bear Gryllis and Jake Gyllenhaal

Peering out the airplane window down to the frozen tundra I can’t help but wonder how things – let alone people – survive in a stark environment like that.

Then as if on cue, appearing on the in-flight TV is ‘Man vs Wild’ from the Discovery Channel starring uber-survival man Bear Grylls. In this episode he’s joined by Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal for a two-day survival adventure in Iceland’s harsh landscape.

Half way through their trek across the lava rocks and volcanic mountains, Jake reveals he is somewhat afraid of heights.

Not one to miss a good-for-TV moment, Bear decides the only way to cross a deep ravine is by a single rope s

tretching 200 feet across, high above an icy, raging river.

(Hold tight, there is an important and relevant point to all this!)

So Bear goes first and not wanting to invoke even more fear he decides not to tell Jake that even HE hasn’t crossed on a rope that far before. Even Bear is nervous.

Essentially, they had to lie on the rope on their stomachs with one leg hooked over at the back and the other dangling loosely to give balance, while pulling forward 18 inches at a time.

No safety nets or stand-in stuntmen for Jake-y boy here. It’s all down to a strong mind and stronger stomach.

That’s Jake in the red jacket trying to remain composed…

Bear keeps yelling out encouragement and strategies to him,

“Break it down to bite size chunks!”

“Let your left leg hang loose!!”

“Count in little steps if you have to!!!”

“Just focus on the next move and don’t look down!!!!”

Solid points from an experienced guide but easier said than done when you’re clinging to a thin rope for dear life.

And this got me to thinking how swimming in an open water triathlon is a similar experience for many people.

Even if you are a veteran at the sport, maintaining solid technique AND a focused mind when surrounded by seeming danger isn’t easy.

It takes specific skills and smart strategies to get through – let alone thrive in – that environment.

The good news is those are skills anyone – ESPECIALLY YOU can learn.

If you’re keen to improve your performance or are frustrated by your most recent experiences and KNOW there’s got to be a better way I have something just for you.

I’ve joined forces with Kevin Koskella, the top tri swim coach, to create the very unique Open Water Swim Success training course.

This is the only course of its kind that combines:

* Proven techniques and drills to eliminate bad habits and improve your efficiency in the water

* How to win the mind games that undermine your confidence and leave you with more questions than answers

* Video and audio instruction to watch or listen on your own time and within your own schedule

* Specific exercises and assignments to strengthen your inner game before, during and after you’re in the water

* Live private forum to “Ask the Experts” and get personalized solutions to your most pressing issues

* Swim stroke video analysis and an action plan for immediate improvement

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, then check out the details at http://www.openwaterswimsuccess.com right now.

You won’t find another course focused on both the technical AND mental part of swimming in triathlons.

You don’t have to have celebrity status or Bear Grylls-like skills to thrive in the open.

(…by the way‚ Jake made it across‚ faced his fears head on, followed his guide and took action).

Just join us at www.OpenWaterSwimSuccess.com and let us guide you to a stronger, faster, more enjoyable swim season ahead.

To your potential,


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