The Definition of Your Triathlon Hell

The Definition of Your Triathlon Hell

Imagine this: You’re excited for your next triathlon.The Definition of Your Triathlon Hell

You invest weeks, or months, of time and energy to follow your training program.

You buy special gear and extra supplements to give you an edge.

You put in extra hours working on your technique in the water, your power on the bike and your speed on the run.

You sacrifice nights out with friends.

Race day arrives and you have high expectations.

Imagine your sadness when you cross the finish line and are way off your time goal. Not even close.

Instead of elation you’re filled with frustration and retching disappointment. Heartbroken at unfulfilled hope. Confused by what went wrong.

If that weren’t enough, other competitors are complaining the course was too easy. “All downhill” with little challenge.

And to add insult to injury, your training partners – who trained less than you, are less experienced than you, and always slower than you – finished well ahead and are gloating at their new personal bests. They turn with smirks and ask “What happened to you, slow poke?

You’re speechless. And you want to strangle them.

Hell. Pure hell.

Yet in hindsight you could tell it wasn’t going to be a perfect day. From the very beginning you knew something was up.

You woke up on race morning worrying “Have I done enough?” What’s worse, you had every reason to be confident, but couldn’t stop the butterflies and questioning your game plan.

You were extra nervous at the start line. You lost focus and couldn’t find your rhythm in the swim, you felt doubt on the bike and experienced despair on the run.

How could this happen? And what can you do to prevent it from EVER happening?

Become a “3-Dimensional” triathlete.

Stop relying on one-dimensional training and race preparation.

Your physical skills, techniques, strength, and power are one dimension and obviously, very important.

Your mental fitness and emotional endurance are two dimensions that are equally important to understand, train and strengthen in order for you to be the best athlete you can be.

Maximise your performance by mastering your inner game. Learn the mental skills needed to sharpen your focus. Bring more purpose to every training session. Control your emotions when faced with adversity and doubt. Snap into ‘the zone’ the moment you need to. Dig deeper into your determination—even, and especially when—you feel like giving up.

And you’ll soon be swelling with pride after a personal record.

Finally feel what it’s like to be at your absolute best when it matters the most.

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What is your definition of ‘triathlon hell’? Leave a comment or a question on what you need to do to be a 3D triathlete and have your dream race?

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5 Free Videos: Get Mentally Ready For Your Race

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